How Committee Proposes a Change in Fee

How Committee Proposes a Change in Fee

Create an Proposal

Let’s assume we want to propose a new fee for the account creation operation. We want 5 BTS as basic fee and want premium names to cost 2000 BTS. Additionally, a price per kbyte for the account creation transaction can be defined. We get

 "account_create_operation" : {
           "basic_fee"      : 500000,
           "premium_fee"    : 200000000,
           "price_per_kbyte": 100000}

We propose the fee change for account <committee_member> with::

>>> propose_fee_change <committee_member> "2015-10-14T15:29:00" {"account_create_operation" : {"basic_fee": 500000, "premium_fee": 200000000, "price_per_kbyte": 100000}} false

Approve Proposal

Now we need to convince the other committee members to approve. We can do so on the blockchain by asking them for approval with

>>> approve_proposal <committee_member> "1.10.1" {"active_approvals_to_add" : ["<MY-COMMITTEE-MEMBER>"]} true

where 1.10.1 is the id of the proposal in question.