Account Registration

Account Registration

In order to use BitShares, you will need to register an account. All you need to provide is

  • an account name
  • a password

For regular users, please follow the instructions in the wallet to create a new account:

The identicon at the top can be used to verify your account name to third parties. It is derived from your acocunt name and gives a second verification factor. And this is how you register your account:

Create new account

Note that, in contrast to any other platform you have ever used: Creating an account at one of our partners will make your account available at all the other partners as well. Hence, your account name can be seen similar to a mail address in such that it is unique and every participant in the BitShares network can interact with you independent of the actual partner providing the wallet.

We also provide a tutorial on how to manually register an account using the CLI wallet.