User Guide

User Guide

For End User

We would like to introduce most features to the user in a friendly and easy to understand way in this User Guide. Note, that the blockchain itself is capable of many more things that are not (yet) exposed to the end-user. In the future, we expect to see many more customized wallets that expose different features to their users.

For Blockchain “Employees”

BitShares 2 separates responsibilities and incentives activities that are beneficial to the network, thus acknowledging different skill sets and interested community members to have incentives to contribute in the most appropriate way.

  • Witnesses are paid for maintaining the back-bone of the network.
  • Committee members are unpaid volunteers that organize the community and propose changes to the network.
  • Marketers are paid in referral fees.
  • Workers are paid for whatever they propose and do.
  • Shareholders are people holding BTS. They can cast a vote and influence the DAC’s businesses

Each of the above (except Marketers) requires users to vote for the people, proposals, and/or changes. Those with sufficient approval will be compensated.

Workers are the “catch all” group where if you have an idea for something that could improve the network, you can get “paid” by the network to do it. Organizing meet-ups, developing a new tool or feature for the community, and maintaining websites and infrastructure (e.g. the mumble server team or linux distribution) are all examples of things workers may do.