CLI Wallet FAQ

CLI Wallet FAQ

Why does the CLI client crash immediately when I try to run it for the first time?

The CLI client is unable to run on its own, i.e. without being connected to the witness node (via a web socket connection). So to successfully run the CLI client you need to do this:

  • make sure you have this entry uncommented in the witness_node_data_dir/config.ini file rpc-endpoint =
  • before you start the CLI client, you need to start the witness node (and wait a while till it’s up and running)

How can I close the CLI client in a clean way?

In Windows closing the whole window produces a nasty exception. In Windows you can try ctrl-d which stops the process but stil produces a nasty exception.

How can I import to my CLI client a wallet originally created in the web GUI?

CLI and WEB wallet are two separated applications. They use separated ways to represent backups. You can currently only manually import keys from the GUI into the CLI.

How can I create, register and upgrade an account to Lifetime Membership?

Without already having an account, or knowing someone that has an account, it is not possible. You can’t create accounts out of nowhere.

But you can work around it by importing an active key of a Lifetime Member account that has funds:

  1. In the gui, go to the permissions tab of an account that is funded and has a LTM status.
  2. Click on the BTS public key on the ACTIVE tab and copy the private key.
  3. In the cli-wallet run: import_key <account_name> <private_key>
  4. Then run: suggest_brain_key and copy the brain key. (You might want to make a backup of your brain key somewhere.)
  5. Create a new account with this command: create_account_with_brain_key <brainkey> <new_account_name> <imported_name> <imported_name> true

This will create a new account called <new_account_name> and set the registrar and referrer to <imported_name>. The brainkey can be used to regenerate the account (even in the GUI wallet). You can manually delete the other active key from the wallet.json file.