Contributing to the Documentation

Contributing to the Documentation

This documentation page is hosted at github and can be cloned with

git clone

Sources are in the master branch whereas deployment (generated html pages) are located in the gh-pages branch.


The repository (org-domain) is a deployment, only!

Pull requests are welcome!


Quick Install in OSX

It’s easy to get started on OSX using brew and easy_install.

brew install doxygen
brew install graphviz

easy_install sphinx
easy_install breathe


make html


The resulting html files will be writen to build/html.


The Makefile can automatically deploy to several domains. Currently, a deployment installs the page simultanisouly at

git remote set-url origin github:BitSharesEurope/
git remote     add org    github:BitSharesEurope/
make deploy

Updating doxygen (optional)

in doxygen/ there are filed that have been generated by bitshares/graphene C++ code using doxygen. If you want to update them, run doxygen in bitshares and move over the xml folder in doxygen/.